At long last, we are ready to unveil the new, user friendly rulebook. The rules haven’t really changed (they are back in one file for the most part), but we hope you will find they are much easier to read and it is to locate what you seek. It’s not 100% completed yet, but it’s getting close enough we feel a sneak peek is worth the risk of some of you discovering the typos we have yet to finish correcting. Please check out the New Rulebook and keep your eyes here for more updates as they are released.

PS. If you see the occasional highlight, don’t worry, that’s just reminders so we don’t miss things we intend to circle back to and book marks so we don’t forget where we left off. If you find any glaring errors, please send an email to [email protected]. Comments are welcome, so long as they are constructive. Remember, this is a volunteer gig, so please, be kind.

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